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All leather is sold per hide. Each hide  will average approximately 50 ft.². Minimum handling fee included with every purchase.

Leather By The Hide

Leather Envy is the online source for premium leather hides  at attractive prices.  We boast that our suppliers actually process the raw hide and control every stage of production, ultimately providing you with the finest array of quality leather.

Our expert team at Leather Envy is passionate about leather. Our hides are skillfully selected and produced by our team of artisans, providing us with a large inventory consisting of 12 elegant collections with over 107 patterns and colors for your indulgence.  Delve into the vast array of leathers hides and you will be  captivated by warm colors , rich textures and timeless elegance.


Our leather comes in many colors.  All colors are available for immediate shipment. However, if you are unable to locate exactly what you need for your project do not hesitate to contact us.  We will attempt to obtain what you need from our suppliers.



Our leather hides are top quality and are organized by the most popular colors and dye processes used in todays eclectic furniture market. Whether you need a highly distressed or a highly corrected leather with pebble grain or a smooth semi-analine hide, we have it!  


We take a unique approach to online sales too. At Leather Envy we sell our leather by the hide and shipping is always free.  There is always some variability in usable hide so tell us how much you need and we’ll make sure you get it. You might get a little more than you need but never less.